ABC confirms it ran a false flag operation with ACTORS to try to accuse Trump supporters of being violent, intolerant

As it becomes more apparent that Democrats are increasingly lurching to the extreme Left, supporting far-out proposals like banning the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, open borders and – importantly – government limitations on speech and expression, their propaganda division, the “mainstream media,” is attempting to craft a false narrative that Republicans are the far bigger threat to our country.

In recent days ABC staged a faked ‘experiment’ in an attempt to portray Republicans and supporters of POTUS Donald Trump as speech Nazis when, in fact, it’s Democrats who want to curb Republicans’ right to speak freely.

A recent Friday night episode of “What Would You Do?” in a small GOP-dominated township in New Jersey “portrayed Republicans as enemies of free speech and Democrats as its defenders,” Information Liberation’s Chris Menahan reported.

After the show aired, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported on it, claiming that the episode shows an anti-Trump liberal being refused service in a restaurant (something that happens to Trump supporters and Trump administration officials all the time).

The headline intimated that the staged scene was in fact real.

“EXCLUSIVE: Shocking moment customer in ‘Impeach Trump’ shirt is denied service at restaurant while a fellow diner tells the manager to call police,” the paper said in a tweet.

The headline was immediately criticized by people who watched the show and knew that everything was staged, so the Daily Mail eventually changed it to add that it was an “actor” in an “Impeach 45” shirt who was being confronted in the restaurant – though the story left out the fact that the restaurant manager was also an actor.

“While ABC’s actual report wasn’t as one-sided as The Daily Mail’s article made it seem, it was thoroughly idiotic propaganda filled with falsehoods which portrayed the inverse of reality,” Menahan reported.

The network staged scenes where the actor “customer” was first harassed by the actor “manager” for wearing a red MAGA hate and second for wearing an “Impeach 45” shirt.

In the video where he wore the hat, only one woman asked that he remove it, but only after the actor baits her. All the other customers stand up for his right to wear it, though many walked out.

Trump supporters aren’t harassing non-supporters, it’s the other way around

In the next segment, the actor takes off his hat and puts on the shirt. And in that video, “Republican after Republican” side with the actor-manager who agreed the actor customer should be refused service. One patron even asks the manager to call the police.

“For a t-shirt, you’re going to have me thrown in jail?” says the ‘customer.’ “I hope so,” the real customer responds.

But is this accurate or was the entire set-up rigged from the outset? Because if published news reports are any indication, Trump supporting Republicans are not the ones who have been harassing people over their political clothing; it’s been the other way around whenever a Trump supporter is seen wearing a hat or a pro-Trump t-shirt.

What’s also true is that, in survey after survey, Democrats and Leftists are the ones who have voiced support for government-enforced speech codes under the guise of regulating “hate speech” which, of course, is often a very arbitrary determination (and, as it happens, very unconstitutional). ( will not shadow ban; affirms protection of legal speech.)

Nobody is hearing that Trump supporters are getting harassed, especially in small GOP-dominated towns like Randolph, New Jersey, where ABC staged its “What Would You Do?” episode.

Banning speech is a blatant violation of the First Amendment’s supposed guarantee that we’re free to say whatever we want as long as we’re not slandering or libeling anyone (or yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater).

But the longer the Trump administration is in office, the closer we are to outright speech bans – if the Left ever manages to steal power.

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